Weather Procedures

Weather Notification Procedure

Announcements of school closures due to inclement weather will be made using traditional and social media resources to specify school closures or remote days. The Lawton Public Schools notification system will be utilized as the first point of information and other broadcast outlets (radio and television) will be notified when school closures occur.

On occasions, students may be required to remain in buildings, delaying dismissal, because of severe weather conditions. The Central Office will notify school administrators when the “all clear” signal is given and students are dismissed for the day.

Lawton Public Schools will not early release or delay release in the event of severe or inclement weather.

The district will use the mass email and text system to notify families. To ensure you are getting the latest alerts check with your school to confirm all of your contact information is up to date.

In the event of bad weather, Lawton Public Schools will use the following communication channels if there are any changes to the district schedule. Parents and students can sign on to Rooms to correspond with their teachers.





Log into your Google Classroom or Seesaw for more information on assignments in the event of severe weather