MacArthur Middle School Dress Code 2018-2019 

It is expectation of the Lawton Public Schools board of education that as career bound citizens, all students shall dress conservatively and appropriately during school hoursand activities. All clothing,visible images, and text must be appropriate for school setting, free of vulgarity and cannot promote anything illegal or age-inappropriate. Body piercing jewelry or adornment is not allowed except in the ears. Clothing must be free of holes which expose undergarments or skin above fingertip length when standing. Clothing must fit appropriately. General dress or appearance must not disrupt the educational process. Exceptions may be made for Spirit Week on a school-wide basis.

Allowable Dress

• Jeans, slacks, wind pants, capris, and overalls which rest at the waist and cover all undergarments above fingertip length when standing

• Dresses, shorts, and skirts which extend to fingertip length when standing

• T-shirts, shirts, blouses, sweaters, and pullovers with fitted armholes which cover cleavage, undergarments, underarms, and midriff when sitting or standing

• Shoes designed to be worn outdoors and which do not pose possible damage to flooring

• Head gear for religious or medical purposes

If one is unsure about a dress code item and have to ask, it is most likely not in accord with dress code. The final decision on interpretation of the code and on anything not covered is reserved for the Principal.

Revised, August 2016

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