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About Us

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MacArthur Junior High School opened in 1971 as part of MacArthur High School with Mr. Buddy Braddy serving as its first principal. In 1978 a new, separate facility was opened with Mr. Braddy continuing to serve as principal until 1979 when he moved to Shoemaker Center to serve as the Director of Student Services. Since its inception MacArthur Junior High/Middle School has been under the following leadership. Mr. Buddy Braddy 1971-79, Mr. Jerry Boucher 1979-90, Mr. Odell Gunter 1990-91, Dr. Linda Dzialo 1991-97, Dr. Will Anderson 1997-98, Mrs. Cheryl Monts 2000-2004, Mrs. Sheila Fountain 2004-05, Mr. Mark Mattingly 2005-2014,and Ms. Regina Lambert 2014-present.

MacArthur Junior High School has stood as a symbol of pride in east Lawton supporting the community. In the 2003-2004 MacArthur Junior High was chosen to be the leader in transitioning into a middle school. This process began in the 2004-2005 school year with the school housing 7th and 8th grades only, and the 9th grade students moving to MacArthur High School. During this year the staff and faculty went through intense training to become effective teachers in a middle school forum.

The doors reopened August 19, 2005 as the new and improved MacArthur Middle School, the first in Lawton. Mac Middle School now houses grades 6-8, with a dedicated teaching staff working in partnership with parents and others to provide the finest middle level education possible.

MacArthur Middle School continues to reach new heights of student achievement and accomplishment. Today the leadership of the district and the school, working with parents and other community members stands united to prepare our students to live successful lives in the twenty-first century.



At MacArthur Middle School we will foster our students' natural curiosity and love of learning to build a strong foundation as life-long learners and responsible citizens.