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Student expectations as virtual learning continues

Posted Date: 02/23/2021

Student expectations as virtual learning continues

As our students and staff work to continue with the academic year virtually while our building is in repair, it is important to share information regarding student expectations during this time. Please review the following guidelines to help ensure your child is able to maintain satisfactory academic progress.

  • All students should log in to their Google Classrooms according to their bell schedule each school day. Teachers will be available during this time to provide content instruction, answer questions and provide additional assistance, as necessary. If a student is unable to log in at the correct time, recorded information will be provided by teachers for later access. Students may also email teachers for guidance or call the school office at (580) 353-5111. The school bell schedule is as follows:

1st hour........... 8:05 – 8:55
2nd hour.......... 8:58 – 9:54
3rd hour........... 9:57 – 10:49
4th hour........... 10:52 – 11:43
5th hour........... 11:46 – 1:07
6th hour........... 1:10 – 2:01
7th hour........... 2:04 – 2:55

  • Students will be expected to complete a check-in procedure for each class daily for attendance. Additional information, instructions and assignments must be viewed and completed as posted.
  • If you or your student need any technology assistance during this time, please call the LPS tech support line at (580) 956-8228, or email