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MMS soccer activities to begin

Posted Date: 12/05/2020

MMS soccer activities to begin

MMS soccer teams will officially begin team activities this week. A brief team meeting for girls’‚Äč soccer will be held immediately after school on Monday, Dec. 7. Students attending the meeting should have their rides available to pick them up no later than 3:30. The boys’ soccer team will practice each day after school, Dec. 7-10, while the girls’ team will practice after school Dec. 8-10. All practices will take place on the MMS campus, utilizing the shared soccer practice fields, practice football field or the MMS small gym. Practice facilities are accessible by following the access road from the MMS parking lot around the north and west sides of the school. Parents of virtual students attending practice must drop off their students in the main parking lot no earlier than 2:55. Access to the back of the building is not available between 2:45-3:15, due to student bussing.

Please review the following guidelines for participation. Questions may be directed to boys head coach David Holland ( or girls head coach Jayrone Cortez (

  1. Before any student can participate in a sport, the required paperwork must be completed. The required paperwork consists of a current physical and Rank One sports forms filled out and submitted. If a student has already played a sport and submitted the required forms this school year, another physical and set of Rank One forms is not required. Rank One sports forms must be completed online at Additional instructions are available in the MMS main office.
  2. Practices will be after school and be conducted at either the soccer fields behind the school, the football field behind the school, or the small gym at MMS. Length of time of practices will vary, but will generally be done by 5:00 pm on most days. Coaches will make every attempt to notify players and parents in advance of any schedule changes for both games and practices.
  3. Each player will be required to wear the proper equipment at all times. Cleats and shin guards are a must. Each player should also have a pair of tennis shoes at all times (in case we need to stay indoors due to weather).
  4. Due to current health and safety guidelines, each player will also be required to bring their own watter bottle/jug.

Additional details regarding team game schedules, practice dates/times following winter break and fundraising efforts, will be provided at a later time.