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Virtual Pickup Scheduled

Posted Date: 08/13/2020

Virtual Pickup Scheduled

Please see the attached graphic to learn all about our Virtual Tech Pick-up for students taking part in the virtual program! For more info about back to school plans and virtual learning, check out our FAQ:

*The times at Freedom Elementary are only available to virtual students attending that school.

Q: What if I already have my devices?
A: If you already have the necessary devices for virtual learning, you do not need to attend. We will work to have the schedules either e-mailed or placed on the campus portal.
Q: Are Eisenhower's phone lines still down?
A: The phone lines are currently being moved to the new building, and we will share the new number tomorrow once it is finished.
Q: Is my child's school not on the list?
A: If you're child is in our virtual program and their school is not one of the listed ones, please schedule an appointment at one of the schools in the flyer to receive your devices.